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Why Radha Swami Clinic?

Radha Swami is one of the most trusted and reputed clinic in Palwal. We have been serving patients with various ailments for over more than 20+ glorious years now. We hold a record of over 6 lakh successful OPDs for a single-person consultation.  

Our treatment areas:

Clinical Processes (Derma, skin, etc) | Cosmetics | Anorectal Treatments (for Piles, Fissures, Fistula) | Nail Diseases/Problems | Hair Diseases/Problems.

Through the means of our best treatment strategies, we have gained a vast number of loyal and most satisfied customer bases. The patients who have visited us for their treatments, know us the best. Please visit or contact us if you are also suffering from any skin, hair, or body issues. 


What to expect from your First Consultation ?

Dr. Sushil will meet with you prior to your first session for discussing any specific skin/body/hair issues and learn what you hope to achieve with the treatment. He’ll next analyze your affected areas thoroughly, allowing him to figure out what options to use during treatment and how many sessions are needed to reach the required result.

Your initial consultation should include the following:

  • Physical examination of the concerned/affected area.
  • Enquiry about your medical history as well as related lifestyle information.
  •  Explanation of the procedure and how it is carried out.
  • The number of required sessions will be discussed.

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Our Specialities

Most anal fissures are adequately treated by a medical approach using sitz baths, stool softeners, and analgesics.

Nail diseases may comprise a host of disorders and may provide the dermatologist with clues regarding underlying disorders and stress.

Hair Treatment

The biggest reason for hair fall is stress which leads to lack of nutrients from our body resulting in hair loss. To find a solution for hair loss treatment in Palwal

The department has highly experienced specialists in cosmetic and plastic surgery, state-of -the-art infrastructure ensuring world class medical attention and care.

Clinic promises to offer the finest cosmetic dermatology anti-aging & hair treatments using the latest non-invasive technology & innovations

A fungus, such as mold and mildew, is a microscopic organism. Fungi can be found in the air, water, and on people’s bodies. Approximately 50% of all fungus are dangerous.



Pankaj Kaushik
Pankaj Kaushik
Doctor natures very good
Doctor Chabra is very humble and professional in his work. Good services for skin care.
Gaurav Girotra
Gaurav Girotra
Excellent Doctor... Sopportive Nature Of Staff .. Excellent Quality of Services.. Best Skin Clinic in palwal
Inpreet Singh
Inpreet Singh
Good treatment by Dr Sushil i recommend to all pls visit to Dr Sushil clinic for good treatment