Double chin reduction

What exactly is a Double Chin Reduction Treatment?

This is a therapy which helps in reducing the layers of fat that grows under the chin and the people who want to get rid of those fat layer will need double chin therapy. Double chins are commonly connected with weight gain, although this is not the case always; those who are fit and skinny can have them too. The most common reasons behind the double chin are genes or loose skin problems connected with age.

What causes a Double chin?

Excess facial fat or a double chin is repellent and worrisome for most people. Folks that wrestle with their weight are often stricken with a double chin. Fat storage in the chin and neck region cause the appearance of a chubby chin.

Excess fat deposition below your chin leads to the formation of a double chin. There are some causes of a double chin that are discussed below:

  • Age
  • Genetics
  • Diet and weight
  • Posture

How to treat double chin fat?

lipolysis or liposculpture:

The heat from the laser is used to melt away the excess fat from the face in this treatment. In most situations, just local anaesthetic is required for the liposuction surgery to treat double chin. Liposuction, on the other hand, does not remove superfluous skin; rather, it melts away the excess fat.

Neck lift

A neck lift procedure can not only correct a double chin by removing the excess fat from under the chin but this procedure is also helpful in removing the extra loose and saggy skin that is present under the chin. This treatment option is more suitable for people who are older and have loose and saggy skin under the chin area.

This surgery lifts the sagging skin up and gives sharp and defined contours to your jawline.


Submentoplasty is a procedure that is somewhat in the middle of the chin liposuction and neck lift. This procedure combines chin liposuction (removal of excess fat present under the chin) and uses small incisions to tighten the muscles of the neck to give a sharp outline to the chin.

Why Choose Radha Swami Clinic for Double Chin Reduction in Palwal?

All these procedures require a lot of skill and expertise to be performed correctly. If not done in a proper manner, the patient can suffer from a lot of complications. Thus, you should only choose the best when it comes to surgeries like these. Facial surgeries are very intricate and require a skill set and finesse that not all surgeons have.

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