Ear Lob Repair

Ear lobe repair surgery is an easy technique for repairing the ear lobe injury. 


  • Many things can create elongated earlobe holes, or a split earlobe:
  • Long-term use of heavy earrings.
  • Placing bigger and heavier gauges into the earlobes.
  • Pulling and entangling of long earrings.
  • Pulling of earrings by children.
  • Numerous piercigs that are too close to the bottom of the lobe or too close together.

How Does It Work?

This method is effective for repairing ear lobes that have stretched or ripped as a result of wearing heavy jewellery items. The injured area is reshaped and cleaned during the treatment. The  operation takes around 30 to 60 minutes and can be done on both ears at the same time. 

Earlobes can be re-pierced 3-4 weeks after the operation.